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KeyLink develops, produces, and configure HOME & BUILDING AUTOMATION components that are related to the professional sunscreen, awning, and window decoration industry. The supply of components takes place mainly via the e-installer, technical wholesale, sunscreen dealers, and façade builders. In addition to our development of project orientated custom solutions, KeyLink works as a SYSTEM INTEGRATOR together with specialized partners and a large number of leading manufacturers. 

There are plenty of technological developments in recent years that, which intervene in our daily lives. We are familiar with many handy features in our cars. Think of navigation, alarm systems, telephone, remote controlled lights, all of which we find very normal. However, in our homes are still find switches from years ago, with which you can control the light on and off, or operate your blinds and shutters. With building automation, your home or office can be automated. Domotica literally means automated functions with software and electronics. In practice, it goes much further than that. The integrated system provides an increase of durability, comfort, safety and energy savings.

Our present homes and offices are already comfortable, but in a relatively simple way, the living comfort can be increased. The current way of installing is actually still coming out of the 1960s, and in new construction or renovation the market often deliver an outdated installation of 50 years ago. KeyLink would like to help our customers to upgrade to 2013 standards. It is important to prepare in advance the infrastructure of a house or office building for integrating building automation. Safety is extremely important, especially in your home. Building automation helps. For instance, it automatically checks if all doors are closed and locked.

In each building, there may be many electronic applications. Everywhere is lighting, there is a telephone, a TV set, heating and/or a ventilation system, security, etc. Without these devices, our homes or offices will be a lot less comfortable to live in. However, it can be even more comfortable. If these applications are able to communicate together, it is possible to create different functions, to program, and operate them. For example, to switch on the lights and heating simultaneously with the opening of the front door. Not only for new buildings, but also if you are planning to extend your property. Even for existing situations it is wise to inform yourselves about the many possibilities.

Building or renovating your home or office is not something you do every day.
We will help you through the process of creating a practical and well-thought-out installation plan, based on DURABILITY, COMFORT, SAFETY and ENERGY CONSUMPTION.

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