GSM Alarm & Telemetry

With KeyLink GSM telemetry modules you are able to measure, control, log and alarm, by sending text messages to the pre-installed phonenumbers. You are able to choose a SIM-lock free card from any provider. The modules are able to function autonomously for at least one year on internal batteries, or if available, on a external 12VDC netadapter.

The modules work completely autonomous via GSM or GPRS network, and they are independent from fixed external power, batteries, WiFi, or any other type of installation. The various modules are flexible in their usage. On boats, in garages, holiday homes, caravans, trailers, on construction sites, or during events, the GSM modules will guard objects completely autonomously. Controling the module is simple and easy, and is ideal for usage in places without any (reliable) power source.

The available modules are ideal for guarding doors, cupboards, fixed power and/or battery supply, water leakage, temperature, fire or for personal protection.

With the GSM dooropener, it is possible to open doors with an electric lock from a distance. Via an internet portal, all programmed users are easily managed. The GSM dooropener is a reliable solution to control entry for a large number of users. There are no mobile costs involved while using the dooropener.

The all-in-one GSM alarmsystem reacts to movement. After movement detection by the passive infrared sensor (PIR), a text message will be sent out, and if needed, a loud sirene will sound. It is also possible to measure and control temperatures. With a personal code you can switch the device on or off. The alarm system can send text messages periodically to insure the user the module is still functioning correctly. As soon as the batteries are getting low on power, you will automatically receive a ‘battery low’ message.

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